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Guitar Repair 1If you play a musical instrument, you need to know a qualified repair and setup specialist.  Whether it is a matter of mending a broken instrument or one of a more routine nature, such as improving your instrument’s playability and tone with a professional setup and adjustment, you should know that Authentic Guitars has been doing everything from the basics to building whole instruments from the ground up for over twenty years.

From Electric Guitars to Banjos!

Whether you are looking to have your pickups changed on your electric guitar or you need to rebuild a banjo from the bottom up, Authentic Guitars can offer top notch, quality repair that you can count on from simple adjustments to refinishing – and we can even change your strings and clean your guitar while you wait or while you shop at one of the near-by merchants.

Refretting and Custom Inlay Work

Maintaining your instrument’s good playability by leveling and re-crowning or replacing worn frets can vastly improve yourBanjo Repair 2 stringed instrument’s playability and intonation.  Having us perform a top of the line partial or complete re-fret will give your instrument extended playing life, improve playability and correct some of those intonation issues.

When powerful tone and ease of playability go hand in hand as a result of a good setup and maintenance program, sometimes the next step is to pull out all the stops and get right down to the pretty!  Inlay work is a specialized art form that can add a dazzling splash of personality and a unique touch to your musical instrument that is all your own.  Authentic Guitars can add your initials or you name to your favorite instrument or an elaborate vine, flowers, special characters, animals, and much, much more. You are only limited by your imagination!

From the Routine to the Obscure

From electric pickup installations, replacing worn or broken nuts (above) to reproducing some impossible-to-find items like the tailpiece on this 1916 Gibson Guitar (below), Authentic Guitars can put your mind and your fingers at ease.

 Mandolin Repiar 1  Mandolin Repair 3  Mandolin Repair 2

If you are in need of someone you can count on as your stringed instrument specialist, please give us a call or schedule an appointment for your no obligation free estimate.


Unfortunately, sometimes the things we love can become damaged.  Making them as close to new again as possible is what we enjoy doing best!  This Gibson mandolin looked like a goner after the neck was severely broken, but it played and even sounded better after the restoration was completed.

 Banjo Nut  AGWilliamsburgStore Banjo Repair 1