Lessons FAQ


1)      Can I stop taking lessons at any time? Yes.  There are no contracts with Authentic Guitars, so you may stop taking lessons at any time.

2)      How do I pay for lessons?  Your payment for lessons is paid to the teacher directly.  They will accept checks or cash.

3)      Where do lessons take place?  Lessons take place in Williamsburg, Virginia.

4)      How long are lessons?  Our standard lessons are 30 minutes in length.

5)      How often are lessons? Lessons are regularly scheduled once a week.

6)      When can I start taking lessons?  We can get you started with lessons as soon as you are ready.

7)      Do you offer an opportunity to meet a teacher?  Yes. You can drop by any time to chat with your teacher or call and talk with him directly. We are always happy to discuss your goals and then recommend a teacher we think you will “click” with.

8)      Do you offer both private and group lessons?  No. We have found the best progress is made during one on one lessons with the student receiving the full attention of their teacher.

9)      How do I choose a guitar?  Authentic Guitars has a great selection of new and used guitars as well as banjos, mandolins and ukuleles.

10)   What type of guitar should I buy?  This depends on what style of music you want to learn. If you like Rock or Blues, you should buy an electric guitar. If you like Bluegrass or Folk, you should get a steel string guitar. If you want to play classical, then a nylon string is the best choice. If you need advice on what to buy, please contact us.

11)   What styles of music do you teach?  We have teachers that specialize in all styles of music including, Jazz, Rock, Blues, and Classical.  All of our teachers can teach beginning guitar in most of these styles.  You can always start with one teacher and then move to another teacher that specializes in the particular style you want to learn as you improve your basic skills. The best thing to do is contact us for recommendations and advice.

12)   My Child is seven.  Is that too young to start lessons?  Seven is the age that we start lessons for young people.  At about that age, the hands are strong enough to press down on the strings and the focus is adequate to concentrate on a 30 minute lesson. Starting too early may frustrate a child. We can always book a trial lesson and see how it goes.

13)   What size guitar should I buy?  It is important that the size of an instrument is manageable for the student. We are happy to “fit” you or your child to the proper size instrument.

14)   What levels of guitar do you teach?  We teach students from complete beginner to advanced professionals.  All teachers teach beginning and intermediate lessons, and each of our teachers also has their specific strength for advanced guitar lessons;  From Rock and Blues, to Classical and Bluegrass.

15)   Do I have the necessary talent to learn to play Guitar?  We have not yet come across one student who does not have some sort of musical abilities. Everyone has their strengths. Some are better at reading notes, some at chords, some at improvising etc.  Eventually everyone has a barrier that they must break through to get to the next level.  It is not how talented you are, but how diligent and determined and how much you play your instrument!

16)   Can I take lessons on an every other week basis?  We highly recommend that you take lessons on a weekly basis.  You may want to wait until you have the time to take lessons on a weekly basis.  We find that students who take on a weekly basis learn at an exceptionally faster rate. In the end, it is more economical and efficient to take lessons weekly.

17)    Can I take 2 lessons per week?  Yes. Lessons on a weekly basis are sufficient to learn the guitar at a steady rate, however if you would like the extra guidance, or are an exceptionally quick learner, we are happy to offer lessons 2 times per week.

18)   How much do lessons cost?  We are happy to say, we have the most competitive rates available with the services and teachers that we offer.  To find out how much lessons are in your area, please contact Authentic Guitars by phone or email.

19)   What are the cancellation policies?  We know that you have a busy schedule and we want to make sure you feel you are getting the most out of your lessons.  We offer a 24 hour cancellation policy. A lesson that is cancelled the same day as the lesson, by the student, will be charged in full and will not be made up.

20)   How do I get started?  Just call or stop by and we will ask you a few questions about your background, goals, musical tastes, and the time you need. Then we can recommend one of our teachers and sign you up for your first lesson.

21)   What is your privacy policy?  All of your information is held in strict confidentiality. We do not and will never sell or release any of your information.

22)   Do you offer gift certificates?  Yes! Gift Certificates are extremely popular, especially at the holiday season. They can be mailed to the purchaser or recipient.

23)   Are lessons offered on the weekend?  Yes. Lessons are offered every day Monday through Saturday.

24)   How do I know I am going to be studying with a qualified teacher?  Most teachers at Authentic Guitars have music degrees and many years of experience teaching.  We have a very selective process for choosing our teachers!  We feel we have the finest teachers in Virginia!