Pickups and Parts

Vintage Pickups and Guitar Parts for Sale


1952 Gibson Les Paul tailpiece in excellent condition





Vintage 1960’s Epiphone Tremotone vibrato talpiece used  on Sheraton and Riviera models


1950’s-1960’s Bigsby tailpiece, aluminum



1940’s DeArmond Model FH “Guitar Mike” floating pickup with added pickguard, excellent condition


Vintage Rowe DeArmond style 40 soundhole pickup

 With controls, new in the original box





1965 Epiphone Olympic, double pickup pickguard assembly-




Fender Jazzmaster tremolo arm Pre CBS original whammy bar



Speaker wire harness for a vintage Fender Super/Concert amp with 4X10″ speakers





1960s Fender Piggyback amp speaker cable




Vintage 1974 Fender Stratocaster 250K Potentiometers $75 each


(2) Kendrick Black Frame Speakers, Excellent $200


1950s-1960s DeArmond “Guitar Mike” pickup with volume control in excellent working condition.



Used Bass Badass II bridge in excellent condition



1940’s 1950’s Kay tailpiece for K42



1940’s-1950’s Kay bridge for K42