How to Restring a Guitar

Step-By-Step Guide to Restringing your Guitar

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What you will need: Strings, Wire Cutters, A peg winder and an electronic Tuner


First, loosen strings until they are slack, then carefully cut them with the wire cutters:


Carefully, pull up the bridge pins and and remove them.  Carefully remove and discard the old strings.


Remove old strings from machine head (tuner) posts.


Insert the new strings’ ball end into the bridge and insert the bridge pin into hole with the slot in the pin facing the sound hole.


Hold the pin down and firmly pull up on the string to seat the ball end against the interior bridge plate.


Measure two to three fingers past the post onto which the string will attach and make a right angle bend in the string.


Insert the string into the machine head and lock the string by kinking it toward the inside of the peghead at another right angle.

Keeping tension on the string, wind the string until it is under tension, but don’t over tighten it.  You only need enough tension to keep it in place.


Make sure that the string winds downward on the post.  Don’t push down on the string hard enough to make contact with the finish.  Only one or two winds is necessary as more than this can cause your strings to “stretch” and keep them from settling in quickly.


Using caution, cut excess string from the top of the post.


Tune each string using a digital tuner.  If you have any trouble with this step ask for help from another guitar player or stop by the store as we are more than happy to help if we can.


All Done!