Cleaning a Fingerboard

Fingerboard Cleaning Instructions


Over the years a fingerboard can become covered with dirt and sweat, and may need cleaning.


You will need a polishing cloth, lemon oil, a tooth brush and 0000 steel wool (it is important to only use this 0000 or very fine steel wool, and only on a rosewood or ebony fingerboard).


Remove the strings and gently use the steel wool to begin removing the dirt and polish the frets.   Rub the steel wool only in the direction of the grain of the wood.


Sometimes the metal from the steel wool will stick to the magnetic pickups.  Tape that is turned sticky side out will help in removing the residue from them.


Spray the fingerboard with a good guitar polish, like our very own Authentic Guitar Polish sold in our store.


Using a tooth brush, remove the stubborn dirt that builds up next the the base of the frets.


Wipe off the excess polish with a clean cloth.


Apply lemon oil to the fingerboard.


Wipe off the excess lemon oil with a clean cloth.


All finished and looking beautiful.  Repeating this about twice a year will keep your fingerboard healthy, happy and clean!