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Acoustic Guitars 

Alvarez Guitars
$299.99 – 459.99

All Alvarez guitars in this price range have solid wood tops (spruce, typically). A solid top gives you optimal tone and a sound that improves with age. We are fans of Alvarez guitars for their quality, playability, and because we feel you can’t get a better instrument for the price. Alvarez offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its instruments. Example models:

AD60 CE or AG60 CE
The AD60 CE has a Dreadnought-size cutaway body, while the AG60 CE has a Grand Auditorium-size cutaway body. The dreadnought body delivers big, warm bass tones, while the Grand Auditorium has a brighter, balanced sound. Both guitars have LR Baggs electronics.  The Baggs electronics are superior, delivering a sound that is acoustically true to the instruments.

Solid, clear spruce top with binding around the fingerboard and attractive abalone inlay for the rosette. Very pretty rosewood on back and sides. Large dreadnought voice and balanced tone. Great playability, as characteristic of all Alvarez instruments.

Grand Auditorium size. Tone compares well with a Martin of similar body style; big sound with great action. Especially fine craftsmanship and detail. Solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. Great for any style of playing–but especially nice for fingerpicking. Lower bout has a rosewood bevel inset that serves as an armrest. It is both attractive and makes the instrument more comfortable to hold.

Delta 00-TSD
Small body with a big sound. Sunburst finish, styled like the guitar you see in photos of the delta blues greats, such as Robert Johnson and Mississippi John Hurt.

Solid spruce top, cutaway folk-size electric-acoustic guitar with matte finish and great sounding on-board amplification system.