Entry Level Instruments (to $249)

Authentic Guitars sells only quality instruments, products we stand behind with confidence!

Below is a sampling of our current stock. Stop by or call if you a looking for a specific model.

Acoustic Guitars 

Samick Guitars: 
Small-size guitars for young players or those with smaller hands. These guitars are attractive and easy to play. Comes with clear spruce finish, sunburst, or black.
Alvarez RF26 and RD26 Guitars:
Adult-sized steel-string guitars with great action and excellent tone.
The RF26 has a smaller folk-style body and a full, bright sound.
The RD26 has a larger “dreadnought”-sized body and a big, warm sound.
Both models come with a high-quality gig bag with plenty of storage, handles, and with back-pack straps (a $45 value).
Alvarez AF30: 
A folk-sized guitar with a solid spruce top. Has beautiful tone and great playability. A perfect starter guitar for the serious student or a great step up from any beginner model.

Electric Guitars

Fender Squier Mini Strat: 
Stratocaster styling, scaled down size for a child or smaller adult. High quality, great strat sound — lots of fun for an excellent price!
Fender Squier Bullet Stratocaster:
Best price for a Fender Stratocaster-style guitar; an excellent starter guitar. Lighter-weight body, same great electronics as the high-priced models. Available in a wide range of finishes/colors.
Fender Squier Affinity Stratocaster and Telecaster:
A step up in the Squier line. Thicker body for more sustain and nicer machine heads. Many finishes and features to choose from.


Malala by Kala: 
Great sounding starter uke — not just a toy. Plays easily and with accurate pitch as you move up the neck, unlike some other brands of starter ukes. Comes in a range of colors and with shark or dolphin motif on bridge. Light weight carrying bag included.
Waterman by Kala:
Durable and highly water resistant, play it almost anywhere. Comes in a range of opaque or transparent colors. One model glows in the dark! Carrying bag included.
Kala KA-SEm Exotic Mahogany Uke:
Beautiful tiger-grain with aqua stain finish. Lovely wood tones.
Ohana SK-10, CK-10, and TK-10 Ukes: 
Rich mahogany finish and classic wooden uke sound in soprano, concert, or tenor size.
Ohana CK15-Z: 
Classy-looking natural Zebra wood uke in concert size. Big, warm sound.


Squier Affinity P Bass: 
Full size dual pickup model with deep tone and great action.
Squier Affinity Jazz Bass: 
Dual pickup model for excellent tonal range and thinner neck for easy playability.
Ibanez GSR 200-TR:
Comfortable lighter body with Jazz and P Bass pickup and active bass boost feature.