Vintage Cases

1950’s Gibson Dreadnought Case, Excellent Condition, $400.00







1950’s Gibson Hard shell case for ES-335, and other ES models, excellent condition $750.00



1950’s Gibson case for ES-335, ES-225, ES-125T, ect. 12’ upper bout, 16’ lower bout, 3’ depth Good Condition, Old brown tape covering one edge and one metal foot missing $550.00






1964-65 Fender Jaguar-Jazzmaster Case, Excelllent condition, $375.00








Early 70s Fender Left handed Precision Bass case. Excellent condition. $400.00






1970s Fender Stratocaster Case, Excellent Condition, $275.00






1970s Gibson Flying V Case, excellent condition, $350.00






1980’s Fender Case for Lead II or Bullet size guitar. Excellent Condition. $200.00






1980’s Gibson Les Paul case, Shotgun style, very good condition. $150.00 Click Here for Details








1950’s Gretsch Jumbo case, excellent condition. $999.00 Click Here for Details




Older Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Case, Excellent condition. $250.00 Click Here for Details




N.O.S. Ovation Shallow Bowl Case, New, $150.00 Click Here for Details



Recent Gibson ES335 Case, Excellent Condition, $150.00 Click Here for Details


Recent Gibson ES335 Case, Also in Excellent shape, $150.00 Click here for Details

















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